left the bay for the sun

So yesterday I left the bay area my beloved home sweet city, for the frigging sun. YES, the SUN. OMGOSH was I wrong because now I regret every bit of it. Do you know WHY?!?!?! It’s absolutely because it was 75-89 degrees yesterday and today is close to 100 degrees. I feel like crying because I dont like to sweat ;-;”

Plus there are miscellaneous things that are happening that makes me feel overwhelmed. Like for instance DANIEl is making gifts and cute little things for his stupid frat people and like what about your lonely soon to be wife here? GRRR, maybe its just the heat that’s getting to me to the rage part in life. UGHHHH, please please please save me. I’m like DYING of the heat, i never know what I have until it goes away. Like Scruffy for example, I was like happy and frilly that I was going to travel to do some sabatoge but really..as of right now, right this second. I regret not bringing him along with me. I was actually going to bring him but the cost of him being with me is unbearable. </3. So I will wait. Plus my siblings doesnt even know that I’m staying for about two weeks not one..WELL, they will find out when I come back in that time then :D

I’m going to nap now, byeee.


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