worst month, ever.

So this month has been a really unhappy one due to various reasons. Some are my personal business and some are related to my daily stupid life. So I’ll just tell you what I want to share.

I have found out more miscellaneous things about school and decided to transfer to the campus at Riverside, California. I don’t know where I will be living but at least I’ll be with the one I want to be with.

2nd. I broke my nano today. So I had no IDEA that my Ipod nano 3g was in my bag then I put my bag in the washer because it stank. And thus its broken.  I’m utterly sad and annoyed.

So I know those two reason’s might not be in the category to be considered worst month ever. But it makes me have the icky-est feeling ever. AHHH, I got over the fact that I destroyed my Ipod nano and now the only thing that can make me feel better is to either get a Sansa Fuse OR buy me hella things to get my mind offa that. I think I perfer option two instead. But I can’t control anything :'[

OH, and the worst part is that I got sick and I had no IDEA what the heck was causing my pain. Everyday made me cry, I seriously HATE being sick. It bothers the hell outta me. And I sought help a week LATER. Then I got the medicine and hopefully I’ll be all better by tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck, pray for me!

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