Old Navy Flip Flop Sale. ;]

So I was just remembering remembering stuff about things that were on television. Then I remembered that there’s a sale at OLD NAVY tomorrow for their cheap solid color flip flops that I love. I mean, everything in this economy is bad as it is and I might as well as take in the sales that come my way. Especially the cheap ones ;]


That’s the link that tells all about it. I thought it was pretty funny when I first read the link because I think that the online new’s article didn’t really have anything to write about and since it was all over the television. More people might as well go for it. I also kinda surfed the web to see if what I saw was correct. BWHAHAH, but the sad sad part about the sale is that it has a limit about 5 per customer. It’s a sad sad sad sad sad sad thing because I want an even number like 6 to make me feel more happy. :'[

OH, for all your SHREK fans. The newest movie isn’t worth seeing. BECAUSE, it was totally short and it felt like a filler for time. It wasn’t worth my hour and 32 minuets nor was it worth my $8.75. GRRR, plus I whipped creamed my bestie near his school because his big big day is on Monday. I love you Steven Bach, happy early birthday bestie. :]

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